3D Printing Construction Solutions


3D printing allows for greater design freedom, enabling the creation of customised and complex villa designs that are difficult to achieve with conventional construction methods.



3D printing a compelling option for commercial construction, offering benefits in terms of speed, cost, design innovation, sustainability, safety, and quality.



This automation reduces the need for manual labor, thus minimising the risk of accidents and enhancing safety on construction sites. This is particularly important in industrial projects where safety is paramount due to the scale and nature of the work involved.

Explore European Ready Mix Concrete

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European RMC has been in Operation for more than 20 years in the market. Recently acquired by Sanam Innovation a subsidiary of Sanam Real Estate, to add to its portfolio of innovative and sustainable construction solutions. Operated and managed by Abyan construction team which is an innovative construction company aimed to transform the construction industry in Kuwait with technologies such as 3D concrete printing amongst other unique and green technologies and solutions.

Design & Build Process

3D Printing Construction technology involves using large-scale 3D printers to create building structures layer by layer. Here is a simplified process.

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